The Kettlebell Chicks Movement


The Kettlebell Chicks Movement has been brewing since 2009 as the result of my own personal journey.  Personal training, like many other male driven industries, has been difficult for me as a female.  I began my experience with kettlebell training in 2004. I actually thought I was pretty fit until my first contact with a 25 pound kettlebell.  My training buddy at the time would meet me three times a week for one hour.  After three months of consistent training, my KB weight went up to the 35 and 50 pound weight.  Long story short, not only was I in even better shape, but I could swing and squat and do moves men twice my height and weight could not.  My knowledge began to expand, having now the ability to do the different exercises.  I was picked up to work at a local Crossfit, assisting the owner in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  I was then sponsored to take my first Crossfit Kettlbell Class, where I met my current mentor Mr. Jeff Martone.  I immediately volunteered to assist him with teaching and running Crossfit-Level 1 Certifications.  On weekends I would frequently dedicate nine hours on both Saturday and Sunday to assist him.  I wanted to learn from the best in order to become the best.

After several years of assisting him, Jeff was kind enough to pick me up as one of his paid trainers (I was the only female).  I was humbled to learn that Jeff valued my teaching expertise, especially since I wanted to walk in his footsteps. I’ve been a part of Crossfit kettlebell and the Tactical Athlete staff since 2009. Although I have equal and many times more experience than other trainers in the area, I still get passed over by less qualified (male) trainers for teaching opportunities. This is why the Kettlebell Chicks Movement was established.  Although I have had the privilege to work with the best in the industry and am knowledgeable and hold many specialty certifications, the men in this industry continue to devalue my skills.  My goal is to spread awareness through Kettlebell training because in Crossfit it is the most under utilized, yet most effective tool.  And that’s how I see US WOMEN. Women often don't have the Luxury to get the same compensation as their fellow peers, we are not the first to get promoted to those high level executive positions. There is still a stigma that gently flows through the air that we are our families care taker and cannot do it all. Times are changing....#KETTLEBELLCHICKS